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Class Picture

Friday, March 14, 2014

Words Their Way iPad Style

Next year my school district will be using Words Their Way for spelling curriculum. I have been piloting WTW since November. It took me a while to adjust my spelling instruction and figure out some management issues. I believe WTW is an effective way to differentiate spelling for students. I am excited to keep using it with my students next year too.

So when my classroom became a 1:1 iPad classroom in January,  I began to think about ways I could use the iPad for different WTW activities. I created an iTunes U Course with Pages. Students open the iTunes U Course in Notability which gives them the opportunity to write and draw and complete the activities with their Word Sort for the week on their iPad. The WTW Journal is laid out so that students can chose from a variety of activities to practice their spelling words. They can then upload the completed work to their Google Drive for viewing by myself or their parents. It's also nice because it is virtually paperless!

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with members of my district's iPad Academy. (Other teachers that are also 1:1 iPad Classrooms) WTW was being discussed and I shared my WTW Journal with many of the teachers. They encouraged me to share my work in my blog, so that's what I decided to do! Sharing this information also made me realize how many skills my young students have learned to do on their iPad. I guess I just never realized how much "app smashing" we do on a daily basis. Way to go 2nd graders!

Here are what some of the activities look like in my WTW Journal.