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Class Picture

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Almost Time...

It's finally January and my excitement is bursting at the seams. My class will be receiving our iPads some time this month. Today upon their arrival back from Christmas break and an extra "extreme cold" day off from school, one of the first questions asked was, "Do we get our iPads today?" I had to tell them, "No, but very soon I hope." They were so cute about it!

Thinking about using iPads has really encompassed my mind recently. I spent a lot of time over break reading blogs, online articles, watching YouTube videos and searching/trying out different Apps about using iPads in an elementary classroom. Lots of advice was given and suggestions were made. It really just further pumped up my excitement and started a little build up of anxiety about the task ahead of me too.

I know that my wonderful iPad Academy coach @catlett1 will help me with any issues. I will also have a great team of teachers (#FVFirebirds) who will be embarking on this journey with me to bounce ideas with.

So the time is almost here. I am super excited to use the iPad to support my district curriculum and spark a lot of creativity in my students. We even wrote New Year's Resolutions in class today. My resolution is to find ways to make learning fun for my students. I have been given a new, exciting tool to use to enhance my current ways of instruction and change the way my students share their learn. It's truly an exciting point in my teaching career.